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This is step one

Everything always starts with a contact and project request. In this request you'll be asked to describe your project as detailed as possible. For example I'll want to know what material you already have available, or if we're starting from scratch. A project outline, pretty much.


This is step two

Once I've gotten back to you regarding your project request I'll invite you to schedule what I call a discovery meeting. In this meeting we'll go through the project scope, what you need from me, estimated deadline, etc. This is important to know if I am able to implement what you need, as well as getting a feel for if we're a great match to work together.

Usually this meeting takes no longer than 20-30 minutes.


This is step three

I'll create and send you a proposal containing project scope, estimated timeline, price, etc based on our discovery meeting.

Assuming everyone agrees to the terms outlined in the proposal we'll both digitally sign a project contract. This is important in order for us both to have very clear expectations for what is to come.


This is step four

This is where the work gets done. Depending on the project scope I'll create a wireframe, prototype, and the final website. There will always be plenty of time and opportunities for you to give feedback, ask for revisions, etc. This way we ensure all parties are happy with the final product!


And this is the final step 5

When everyone has approved the final product and given the greenlight to move forward I'll transfer the website to your Webflow account.

It's also at this stage that we connect any domains, analytics, etc. so your website is ready to launch.